Slide Illusion and delight in creating unforgettable weddings, where the respect for the environment always in present. Passion Check out the services of Hojas D'Amour Slide Quality Offer the highest quality in service and achieve the maximum possible sustainability.
Quality over quantity, always paying attention to the smallest details.
Check out the services of Hojas D'Amour
Slide Belief An eco-friendly wedding is a beautiful & unique way to display your values & beliefs. I belive that a wedding can be celebrated without harming our planet or sacrifice the beauty or the quality. Check out the services of Hojas D'Amour Slide Eco-friendly weddings An eco-friendly wedding not only allows you to convey the deep love you feel for each other, but also it reflects your commitment to everything around you. Check out the services of Hojas D'Amour

Hojas D’ Amour • Eco Love

Hojas D’Amour was born out of the love for nature and of my passion for create unique experience to my couples.
Hojas D’Amour does not make gender, race or any other type of differences since love only knows about feelings.

I know we are all currently immersed in a crazy way of life, running around all day, working endless hours, taking care of our families, where 24 hours a day never seem enough. So organising a dream wedding in this scenario seems almost impossible.

And that’s why I’m here for you: to help you with this organisation, giving you advice and taking away all the stress, allowing you to relax, being with you every step of the way. All you have to do is enjoy all the fun and emotion that involves planning your wedding day.

But the mission of Hojas D’Amour is, above all, to encourage an increasingly greater number of couples to have an eco-friendly wedding, thinking of sustainability and protecting our planet.

Hojas D’Amour has specialized in ecological weddings in southern Spain, in Andalucia.

I believe that a wedding can be celebrated without harming our planet. We often forget how much we damage our environment and we must acknowledge that it is up to us to take responsibility for our planet, always bearing in mind that it is the only one we have.

Building trust relationships is a top priority for Hojas D’Amour. Organising a wedding or any other event which reflects your personal style and taste, whilst taking care of the environment, is what makes all the difference.

If you are dreaming with a special celebration, where respect for the environment takes a special place, I would love to hear from you and know you story.


Full wedding planning service

If you wish to have a professional by your side from the beginning to the end of planning your wedding ,if you would like to eliminate the stress from the first moment of the planning process and ensure your day comes together perfectly, then this service is designed for you.


Partial Planning Service

Have you already planned some of the aspects of your wedding, but need help with some of the final touches and having someone to make sure everything runs smoothly?
If this is the case, then this service is perfect for you!



If you would like to have a truly intimate and romantic destination wedding and focus on what really matters, which is the love you feel for each other, but you need a professional who guides you throughout the process of organizing ,so that everything comes out how you dreamed.

Then this service is designed for you.


'Kick Start' Online Professional Guide

This service is perfect for you if you want to organize your destination wedding alone, but you need a professional to advise you and help you find trusted suppliers with similar ideas and your perfect place for your eco-friendly wedding. I have created this service to help pave the way for your wedding planning, remove stress and simplify the whole process.

Book a free consultation

This is the opportunity for us to meet, to get to know each other better. During half an  hour, we will dedicate our time to analyse your ideas and to know what you wish for your special day.
In this meeting, my mission is to listen to you, your ideas and desires.
What I value the most is offering to my couples a very close and personalised treatment, making you feel comfortable and confident.
This is essential for us to work well together.
You will always have the last word. We will simply lay out different options for you to choose from.